Reflect, Refresh, & Renew!
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Aloha! I am an Intuitive Counselor, a Psychic Development Teacher and an Energy & Sound Healer. My life's work is to help you Awaken to your full potential and to your true life's purpose.

As a child, I was able to hear and see Spirit all around me​​. It was quite scary being open to so many things that I didn't understand. I kept it all to myself until I grew older and was able to make sense of the "visits".

​​In my early teens, I was drawn to books on Chakras, Past Lives, Intuition, Meditation, etc; I began my quest by traveling across the Country to visit different Spiritual teachers. I lived in an Ashram in the Berkshire's in MA for a number of years, which gave me the opportunity to truly focus on Spiritual practices which included, Meditation, Yoga, Chanting, Japa, and so many other amazing energy modalities.





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In my late twenties, I began to focus more on Spirit Connections, learning how to utilize my Intuitive gifts. It was a process of letting go of the fear that I had felt as a child, and realizing that the world I experienced on the outside was a direct creation of what I had manifested from within. The realization of this powerful lesson lead me to create more wholesome relationships and a more satisfying and gratitude-filled life.

Because of the many years of intense spiritual practices, I am Awake, grounded, and grateful to have the experience​​s and lessons of my past. Being an Intuitive in this day and age is such a blessing. My gifts help me to see things in life with a different perspective. Now is the time of a great Awakening for our Planet! I AM here to help those who are ready to Awaken to their greatest potential. Allow me to help you to Reflect, Refresh, & Renew your Spirit!